Best Exterior Finish For Eastern Red Cedar

Sand forward a few inches at a time overlapping the previous strokes with each new stroke. I would use 2 to 3 coats of Blond Shellac.

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The finish is slick and shiny but is no more than a layer of plastic.

Best exterior finish for eastern red cedar. Realizing there are many stain colors available to you and why some are better today. It comes from the can so thick that it lays on top of the wood. Used for shingles trim house siding decking fences hot tubs and gates cedar is cheap widely available highly versatile easy to fabricate and best of all it weathers exceptionally well.

Also recommending best clear sealer finishes for Cedar outdoor stained structures. What most people do with polyurethane that causes them the most trouble is to lay it on too thick. As has been mentioned keep it out of sunlight before finishing.

I would suggest using a product called Sun Block made by Kwick Kleen. The third choice is to ship me about a 1000 BF and I will give you anything you want for a finish Dave PacNW. It is a pre-finish treatment which should be followed by a UV protective finish which are normally found in exterior marine grade varnishes.

Giving you best exterior finish for Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is classified as a durable wood species dimensionally stable and suitable for a wide variety of coatings and finishes. Some woods that fit the description are accoya catalpa cedar spanish western red eastern white or alaskan yellow chestnut cypress old growth is best ipe.

Natural finishes such as transparent stains. Eastern Red Cedar is one of the most forgiving woods Ive ever seen. I make hundreds of boxes every year using eastern red cedar.

WesterN red Cedar sidiNG aNd triM If you choose to finish your Western Red Cedar siding or trim it should not be left unfinished and exposed to direct sunlight and moisture for any. It is advertised as a sun screen for wood. The walls will not get much wear on them so heavy protection is not needed.

Below are the top four finishes for Western Red Cedar Siding. Eastern Red Cedar is a richly colored wood that grows invasively here in Kentucky. More demanding to apply and maintain than penetrating finishes.

Red cedar is one of the most popular wood species for exterior use because of its natural rich red color and its natural resistance to decay. Finish sand the cedar by hand to remove small defects or to remove small circles or scratches if the cedar was sanded with an orbital sander. Eastern red cedar contains an antioxidant that can prevent oil-based finish from curing so for that wood Id choose a waterbased exterior coating that contains UV blockers or absorbers.

Any finish using oil will darken the Cedar. I should have been more specific. A thorough coating or two of an acrylic-based paint is by far the most protective of the finishes on offer.

Best Exterior Finish For Western Red Cedar. After sanding and tacking I apply a brush on sanding sealer or lacquer. The other choice would be water based Poly.

But if you choose to finish your siding on site follow best practices and apply products to all six sides of each. Finishing Western Red Cedar Among all the softwood species Western Red Cedar is considered to have the very best finish-retention features. Which one specifically depends not on the.

Bleaching or Weathering Products. Its western red cedar. Order the perfect paint from our online color store.

It is these characteristics that make Western Red Cedar suitable for exterior use for many outdoor applications. Used extensively for fence posts by farmers here in Va where it grows like a weed. I dont believe anything is going to keep it red indefinetly.

It will shield. Eastern red cedar is seldom used for decking because it is so soft and likes to split. Opaque coatings paints and solid-color stains.

Next day I sand it to 200 grit and then spray with a rattle can of glossy clear finish from Rustolium. Opaque stains in contrasting colors thoroughly hide the grain and natural tones of cedar but retain the woods surface texture. I am experimenting to see if Messmers exterior wood finish will help pre.

Remember when purchasing a finish for your Western Red Cedar project it is always best to use a top of the-line product from a supplier you know and trust. Shellac will not discolor the Cedar. What is the best finish to use to protect the wood and maintain the natural red color of Eastern red cedar on an exterior application.

Eastern red cedar is very rot resistant. All these types of finishes can be factory applied for optimal results. Consider Northern or Atlantic white instead or maybe even treated pine.

I havent bought it yet but its only 1 LF. From the original questioner. Start with 100-grit sandpaper using short strokes parallel with the grain.

Ron – I used old red cedar for an outdoor Adirondack chair and left it unfinished and it is still fine after 4 years winter and summer in Massachusetts. The best oils finishes treatments for Western Red Cedar cladding fencing decking. There are three basic clear finishes for outdoor furniture.