THE CRIZAL NO-GLARE LENS DESIGNS. This eliminates sunlight reflections that occur when the sun is behind the wearer.

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If both the inside and outside of the lens is scratched do this on both sides.

Anti glare glasses scratches. Patients sometimes come into my office with scratched or scuffed lenses on their prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. This video shows how to remove scratch resistant coating that is half degraded alreadyBelow are links please follow me and subscribe to my channel. Your AR coating may have an oleophobic surface layer designed to keep skin oils from accumulating on the lenses.

Fast easy and cheap. Theres a reason our lenses are worn by millions of people across the world. Anti-reflective AR also known as anti-glare coatings help reduce the reflections and glare on your lenses improving your vision and comfort in high-glare environments and the look of your glasses as well you can see your eyes clearly without a reflection on the front of the lens.

Pour a gumdrop-sized dollop of Armour Etch on each lens then rub. Light hits your lenses and instead of reflecting back across your eyes it instead becomes absorbed or negated by the coatings in place. When an anti-glare coating is applied to glasses lenses then the product will last longer for the consumer when compared to the standard lens with any frame.

In the meantime glasses with scratches in the anti-reflective coating can be repaired except in the most extreme of cases. Rub the scratched surface of the eyeglass lens with a cloth containing a small amount of carnauba wax in a circular motion. Industry-leading and patented technologies ensure that Crizal No-Glare lenses meet your standards and help provide you with superior protection against glare scratches smudges and UV light.

If you were dissatisfied with your previous eyeglasses or progressive lenses ask about our HOYA lenses with the clearest and most durable optics available in the industry today. Anti-reflective coatings can be applied to the back of sunglass lenses 2. Using Armour Etch cream.

You will see clearly when you get your new eyewear and lenses at Edmonds Vision Center. Hold the glasses facing away from you with one hand holding onto the frames. Wear vinyl gloves.

This coating is exceptionally resistant to scratches and common elements of damage which occur every day. DIY AR anti-reflective coating removal for your plastic scratched lenses on your glasses. If the lenses are less than a year old I can replace them at no cost to the patient.

In particular many lenses these days have anti-glare treatments that are especially prone to damage if not cleaned properly and are particularly vulnerable to window cleaners and alcohol. Some anti-reflective coatings include a hydrophobic surface layer used to eliminate water spotting and make it easier to clean the lenses 2. Anti-reflective coatings prevent oncoming light from headlights or computer screens from causing sheets of glare across your glasses.

In many cases the lenses are coated with a scratch-resistant finish and are covered by a one-year warranty. Remember once your glasses are scratched there is little to do to repair them. Our anti-glare coatings are the most scratch-resistant and easiest to clean.

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